WordPress hates me

So, as I’m sure you all have noticed the sidebar has gotten even uglier and harder to read than when I updated to WP 2.2. This is because whatever changes were made to the database, the hack that I was using to get the sidebar to display as I wanted it to ceased working. Thanks, WordPress!

In anycase, there are a few other problems with the layout, so please bear with me while I rework the theme into a newer, better model.

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4 thoughts on “WordPress hates me

  1. Just a rec — you should add blue milk to your Feminist Parents category. She’s amazing and the series she’s got up in which feminist mothers respond to a few interview questions is really good reading.

    And, er, I like the new sidebar layout. It’s very clean.

  2. Well, I managed to get it semi-working after I posted this. I was having trouble with the list formatting, but with some CSS-fu I managed to fix it. It’s still unorganized though; but I think I’m going to have to do some clean up of my links before I can organize it, because I only get 5 link widgets and I’m pretty sure I had more than 5 sections for my link categories. 🙁

    Also, thanks for the link, Sara. I’ve added it to my blogroll.

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