4 thoughts on “What If Our Privilege Was Given To Those Without?

  1. True, but you can’t really keep all the privilege for yourself when you’re trying to spread the love around. The scariest thing I think for most people is the thought that in order to empower another group, they’ll have to give up some of their privilege.

  2. Query: would you say that someone of average intelligence is more privileged than someone of above-average intelligence? I’m basing this question on the ad’s message that the world is pretty tough when it’s not modelled after your needs, but rather after those of the majority.

  3. Now, that’s a good question.

    I am loath to say that people of average intelligence are “privileged”, probably because I see the intelligence tiers much like the class ones. Those of “average” intelligence or “average” income are theoretically the ones catered to, but that’s not always the case. The upper crust – the rich and the smart – do get a lot of advantages.

    Of course, there are a couple cases where both the above-average and the below-average get the shaft in favour of the average. Education comes to mind. Despite programs like AP/IB, or transition, or head start, or what have you, on the whole those who don’t fit the “norm” get pushed to the wayside.

    So, I guess my real answer is that it’s a complicated set of give-and-take that can’t be summed up by one idea. I just think it’s a good idea for us to examine the privilege that we have.

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