Introduction [Women and Violence, Part 1]

This is a bit of an experiment.

This quarter I’m taking a Women Studies course titled “Women and Violence.” The final project for this class is open to creative interpretation, and so I’m attempting to bring together my academic feminism with my online feminism by using blogging as a part of that project. Over the next eight weeks, until the final week of the quarter, I’ll be making weekly posts on the topic of women and violence. Each post will (hopefully) be inspired by the readings or discussions from class. They will be posted both here and on my LiveJournal, and can be accessed through this link.

The course itself approaches gendered violence as a continuum of behaviors that affect women, from the private to the public, the individual to the institutional, the legally prohibited to the socially permissible. This includes the most commonly discussed forms of gendered violence, such as rape and domestic violence; and also forms of violence such as war, abuse by prisons and other institutions, and indirect violence by the media. My series of posts will cover any of these topics, depending on what strikes me, or perhaps what is most relevant to the feminist blogosphere at the time.

If this all sounds kind of vague to you all, that’s on purpose. I’m actually not sure how these next eight weeks will go, or what kind of writing I will do. I’m hoping to let the writing come organically out of influences from the course and online, so I’m not putting any limitations on this series for now.

Speaking of influences – while I always welcome responses from readers, I invite them even more heartily for this project. Comments or criticism – even if you don’t have anything to add beyond, “I agree with you/Commenter A!” – please do make your voice heard. Part of the reason I’m using a blog format is so I can examine the responses I get, and how other people might connect to what I’m writing.

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13 thoughts on “Introduction [Women and Violence, Part 1]

  1. This might sound bad, but in a way, it’s nice that the whole Kathy Sierra controversy is a recent event; it’s one issue to look at as you work on the project.

  2. Thanks for the well wishes, everyone.

    Luke: It is indeed Professor Ginorio, and she is indeed terrific. She also brought up Hollaback as one of her noteworthy past examples of final projects. 😀

  3. Does this course focus only on women as victims of gendered violence or will it also address women as aggressors?

  4. The course includes some analysis of women’s use of violence, but since women are disproportionately the targets of violence, and the societal imbalance of power favors men who commit violence against women, the majority of the analysis is on women as victims of violence.

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