Quote of the moment

From A couple of radical statements about sex, from the end of my rope.:

“But wait!” you may be thinking to yourself. “You’re on the record as having issues with objectification! Aren’t these sexy sex-having female characters exactly what you’re complaining about?”

And if you are thinking that to yourself, you missed the exit to the point about a hundred miles back.

Being a feminist, wanting to see better female representation in comics, and being uncomfortable with objectification is not the same as wanting to desexualize everything.

I like sex, I like sexy things. I’m human, with quirks and desires and all that other crap that comes with the territory. Not everything I like is going to be nice, or fluffy, or close your eyes and think of England. Sometimes, my mind’s downright filthy, and that’s just okie-dokie.

Via ariella drake

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