New Blog: Anti-Racist Parent

Just a quick post to highlight a new-ish blog, Anti-Racist Parent. From their introductory post:

Thank you for visiting us here at Anti-Racist Parent! This is a blog for parents who are committed to raising children with an anti-racist outlook. If you’re a parent who is tired of having your child learn about race and identity through the mixing of neapolitan ice cream 🙂 , playing dress-up with national costumes, and absorbing the same handful of sanitized historical facts every single Black/Latino/Native American/Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month, this blog is for you.

Via other blog.

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2 thoughts on “New Blog: Anti-Racist Parent

  1. I’ve been talking about racism, sexism, etc to my children since they were very young and wondered if I got through to them until my oldest son’s teacher told me a story during one of the parent/teacher meetings. This was when he was back in third grade he’s a freshman in high school now. Anyway, he was playing with a bunch of boys and a girl asked if she could play too. One of the boys said she couldn’t since she’s a girl. My son immediately said, “I can’t play either since you’re sexist.” and walked away with the girl! This son is also mildly autistic. There are alot of reasons to be proud of him, since he was able to break through the silence to make friends and be a friend to others among many other things.

    Which reminds me, he got into trouble one time and was sent to the principals office for protesting his “civil rights”. During a class where they had a substitute teacher, a couple of the kids were disruptive and the teacher couldn’t finish the lecture, so she gave them a writing assignment. My son sat there doing nothing. She asked him why and he said it was against his civil rights to be punished for someone else’s crime and refused to write the essay. Once he said that about 4 other students said they also would not do the assignment and they all got sent to the principals office.

    He’s a pistol!

  2. Donna, it definitely does sound like he is a pistol! Hope that you and others will come on over to ARP to contribute to the parenting discussions we have over there!

    Thanks Andrea for helping to spread the word about Anti-Racist Parent! The more voices, the better!


    New Demographic
    an anti-racism training company

    Addicted to Race
    a podcast about America’s obsession with race

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