Wave Your Penis Somewhere Else

Red Square, a hub on my university’s campus, never seems to be a safe space. Today, one of the La Rouche folks (I refuse to call them La Rouchebags) asked me if I liked Lynne Cheney’s dick. I felt ill. I don’t go to school to be bullied by phallic and obsence questions.

What am I supposed to say to that?

(A side note: I noticed Lynne Cheney has her Ph.D when I double-checked the spelling of her name. Wouldn’t it be powerful to call her Dr. Cheney?)

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4 thoughts on “Wave Your Penis Somewhere Else

  1. Oh god, that sucks. I always think up great comebacks when I anticipate similar things happening to me, but whenever something like that really happens, I become flustered, silent and try to get away from the perpetrator as fast as possible.

  2. I’ve been approached by several of those guys. I think they must train them to be as creepy as possible.

    One of them asked me if I was a student and when I said “yes” his tone suddenly changed as he asked me, “Have you found your PURPOSE IN LIFE yet? How would you like to CHANGE THE WORLD?
    If I were casting for the part of creepy con artist in a play and he came in talking like that I’d tell him he was overacting!

  3. I also attended a school with a hub called Red Square, Ariel – the purported “free-speech zone” was never quite the oasis of justice it was intended to be. I am definitely not recommending that school (Georgetown U) to anyone, ever, not after all the racist, sexist, homophobic crap I went through there.

    And I completely flubbed a textbook example of condescending male harassment by not responding unfavorably to “Give me a smile.” I was just caught so totally off-guard that I…smiled! Dammit dammit dammit! After all the damn anti-street harassment training that I do! I was so pissed.

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