International Respect for Chickens Day

Happy International Respect for Chickens Day! Even if you’re not a vegetarian, please think of these cool birds today when making your meal choices.

This is a snapshot I took a few weeks ago of Garnet (front) and Henrietta, two of the hens that live with my parents. (They usually stand outside, but Garnet likes to tap at the back door and beg when I’m visiting.)

I got four baby chicks when I was in the 9th grade, and raising them changed the way I see myself as a woman in relation to animals, my food, and the world. I’m happy there are others out there as crazy about chickens as I am.

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2 thoughts on “International Respect for Chickens Day

  1. Though I’m not personally a vegetarian of any sort, chickens totally don’t get the respect they deserve. I grew up with a pet chicken rescued off the back of a chicken truck. He was crippled from being so heavy as is typical of chickens raised for slaughter. He was the funniest little chicken and had some serious attitude for being so horribly bow-legged. We had him for at least a year before my mother gave him to a man who raised chickens down the street. This was when I was very young, but I remember nearly tripping over him almost every day when I ran out to the school bus (he had a horrible habit of sleeping in front of the door)

    Chickens are totally amazing. Whenever I move out of apartments and can have a yard of my own I think I’ll get a little flock of pet chickens.

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