Efficient Recently Commented Posts

I’m sure y’all will notice, but we have a new feature here on the Shrub blog: recently commented posts. Unlike the typical version, this one actually does it in an efficient manner that an uptight person like me can respect. It’s a bit ugly right now, but if I ever get a new layout to work I’ll be sure to properly incorporate it.

Shout out to Michael Moore for giving me license to use his awesome code. He is truly a programmer among programmers.

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8 thoughts on “Efficient Recently Commented Posts

  1. Cool!! I *really* want to incorporate this function into my blog, but, alas, I think there is no way to do this with blogger and I’m too poor and lazy to switch to wordpress… (my current host does not support php…)

  2. My CSS is a little wonky, I see. Sometimes it does the bolding correctly, sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t care too much, since this layout isn’t really conducive to that kind of stuff anyway, but if it starts bugging y’all, let me know.

    Jenn, how much do you pay for your current host? I’ve been using Dreamhost for years and I love them to death. Their smallest plan is 10 bucks a month, but it’s still good. And they almost always have some crazy sale going on. The last time I checked out the page, I saw that they were pricing their Code Monster plan for the same price as the one I had (Sweet Dreams) so I upgraded for free. I get to keep that price forever unless I decide to upgrade again.

  3. well, i also maintain a large fan-site that i spend about $8/month for support for most stuff. reappropriate costs me $30 a year for domain registration fees, and with my fansite, reappropriate, and apia blogs soon to be a financial burden, i can’t afford to upgrade reappropriate so that it will have php functionality…

    alas…, the woes of the multi-web-mistress…

  4. $30 a month for domain fees??? That’s more than twice what I pay! Shrub.com, since it’s my first domain, is 100% included in my plan’s fees. My second domain is $10 a year, although I pay slightly less than $20 for two years. When I first registered my second domain, it was $15 for one year, so their prices have gone down (which is a trend with them – both slashing prices on stuff and increasing functionality).

    You’re getting ripped off big time. Honestly, I would recommend checking into Dreamhost. With what you run, even Dreamhost’s minimal plan seems like it would be more cost effective. And if you have any questions that aren’t covered on their page, their customer service team is generally prompt and very friendly.

    I know I sound like a Dreamhost ad or something, but I went through, literally, one hosting company per year before I found this one. In all of them I was paying more for less, and often getting really shitty customer service. Dreamhost rarely gives me problems and if it does they are quickly resolved, the CS people talk to me on my level, as time goes on I get more and more from them for nothing in return, and I have been so happy with them that I recommend them to everyone who’s looking for a hosting company. Heck, if they’re good enough for me to have stayed with them for more than a year, that has to mean something because I demand a lot out of my hosting.

  5. no no no! $30 a year! the hosting itself is free! ^_^

    doteasy has three hosting packages, and reappropriate is on the free one, which basically gives me enough space for a blog and decent bandwidth for no hosting charges. the $30 i pay is every year for them to renew my claim on the domain name — which i know is pricy for domain registration fees but at least it only shows up every october or something…

  6. Oh, I got the $30 a year for the domain – that’s still a rip off. I pay roughly 10 bucks a year for my second domain (my first being free). Crunching the numbers, if you take your fan-site and domain fees into account, the difference between doteasy and dreamhost is negligible, but it seems like dreamhost gives more for the money.

    Anyway, I’ll stop bugging you about this. ^^; I really do sound like a dreamhost ad 😛 I just love the hosting service so much… 😮

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