Discussion Rules Updated

The discussion rules have been updated to alert users to the moderated status of the blog, and a new point has been added. This point is about actually reading the post before commenting. Not that I think it’ll stop the trolls will read it. Like the ones who go off about how the BK commercial is targeted at men and jeez, why am I talking about women… Really? Here I thought having a category called masculinities would make it obvious that I was focusing on men for once. Silly me, thinking that feminists could actually see a connection between the cult of masculinity and equality. So glad the drive by trolls have educated me.

Also, and I would think this would be obvious, but telling me that I’m “over analyzing” an issue is not going to get your comment published. It’s, you know, dismissive of my point. Which is against the rules.

Really, people, it’s not a hard concept: when you comment, be respectful. Not dismissive, not whining abou teh ebil feminism, not making stupid posts that are like, “I am man!!” (really? because here I was thinking that man wasn’t synonymous with dismissive asshole. so glad to have been educated… again).

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One thought on “Discussion Rules Updated

  1. Like the ones who go off about how the BK commercial is targeted at men

    Translation: Nobody was talking to you, woman! Your presumptuousness must be punished!

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