In a fit of house-cleaning I deleted my theme and had to restore from an older backup ’cause I’m not at home right now. I’ll probably have things back to normal on Monday night.

PS: I decided that now was a good time to work on my new design. So things are going to look funky for a while. If I get tired before things are workable, I’ll set it back to the old version of the layout, otherwise I’ll keep it up for the night. Either way, things won’t be finalized until tomorrow evening (when I get home).

PS the 2nd: Looks like I’m keeping the new look for the night. Feel free to give constructive feedback, as it’s in a stage where I might actually change something. Also, is anyone else noticing that the spacing on the left bar keeps changing? I’m not sure if I see it because I’m tired, or if there’s something wonky with my code…

PS the Next Day: Ops, should have checked the comment function before going to bed. I knew the authorization code was going to bite me in the ass somehow. Why, oh, why was I such an idiot to delete the newest version of the old Shrub theme?

Imma try to get it installed before I have to go. I think it’ll be a quick fix, especially since I left a comment about some irregularities that tripped me up last time…

PS the Next Minute: Fixed! People should be able to comment now. Sorry ’bout that.

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4 thoughts on “Oops…

  1. Argh. What browser are you using?

    By all rights it *shouldn’t* be overlapping, and I can’t do anything to break it in Firefox. Seriously, no matter what I do with it the right box gives me SOME kind of trouble. I think I’m just going to make it a table and solve all life’s problems.

  2. That’s it. When I get home I’m making the main content div into a table.

    Whoever said that divs are a better way to code than tables was sorely mistaken. They’re great if you don’t need to worry about other elements, but nothing beats them when keeping elements from overlapping each other.

    And I wasn’t crazy. There’s something off with the padding in single.php (the template for this page). I think I may have changed something for index.php and not carried it over to this one. Yet another thing to fix…

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