How NOT to get me to support your cause

The Right Reason?
The “Right” Reason?

Note to Mother’s Rights Activists: If you want my support, do not use sexist advertising like the image above.

My tits will never feed babies. This is by my choice. Not you, not your group, not anyone has the right to decide what the “right” way to use my tits are.

And, frankly, setting up this “right” way — ie. breastfeeding — sets up the “wrong” way as any way that is not involving a child. Way to reinforce that women should feel shame about ourselves. That breasts should only be seen as neutral when there’s a baby attached to them. That every woman wants to be a mother, and furthermore that they should be a mother.

You can decide how you want to use your breasts, but leave my breasts — and the breasts of all other women — out of it. Leave them out of your sexist, anti-woman, anti-non-mother campaign. Leave me out of it. Because I will never support you.

Update: Darth Sidhe has posted an excellent analysis on why this campaign is anti-woman.

Hat tip to Darth Sidhe, image found via cf_hardcore LJ.

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5 thoughts on “How NOT to get me to support your cause

  1. I’d also like to note that saying that not being able to make one icon out of many on a privately held website a picture of breastfeeding is on par with human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia is not only going to not win you my support, it’s going to put me very firmly against anything you may hope to accomplish with that egregious misuse of rhetoric.

    If you don’t really believe that and are hoping I am stupid enough to do so and support you, you’re insulting me and I’m going to vehemently oppose you because you are lying. If your argument had merit, you wouldn’t need to lie to convince people of its veracity. If you really do believe that, you’re frightening me and I will oppose you for the sake of not giving any more power to people with no sense of proportion or logic than I absolutely have to.

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