Daughters of the Revolution: A Survey

I meant to plug this yesterday. Whoops. Anyway, Georgia State University is doing a survey called Daughters of the Revolution: Females Born in the ’70’s & Early ’80’s, Writing, and the Digital Revolution. It’s for American women born between 1970 and 1985. If you qualify, I urge you to go take it. I know I did.

Via Netwoman.

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3 thoughts on “Daughters of the Revolution: A Survey

  1. Er, teminology note: “whoops” is probably what you’re looking for if you mean an exclamation of dismay. “Wops” is a derogatory term for Italians. 😛

  2. No, I meant “wops” but I was unaware that it was a derogatory term for Italians. I’ll edit the post due to that, but grr stupid racist slur taking away my ability to skew “whoops” into somethings silly sounding…

  3. Neato! My master’s thesis is going to be somewhat similar – female/feminist videobloggers and new media, etc. I’ll go take this right now! Thanks tekanji!

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