Crecente fights the boy's club of gaming… ORLY?

Now, I’ll be honest here. I think that Brian Crecente is an unprofessional misogynist who doesn’t have the writing skills to match his journalism education. Given his track record, I don’t think he’s fit to write articles, much less be put in charge of a majorly influential gaming news site.

Part of this is personal, seeing as he’s tried to take credit for the Iris Gaming Network that Revena and I founded, not to mention was the source of the misattribution of a quote by Guilded Lily to Iris/Cerise that has caused no end of misunderstandings. Oh, and I was none too thrilled that he felt that it was appropriate to allow commenters to make rape threats about the cover model for the first issue of Cerise, especially since the “model” was my friend who posed as a personal favour to me.

The other part of it is just my general aversion to misogyny, which he’s directly responsible for as the senior editor of the site (it’s his job to moderate both the posts by other editors and the comments by readers) and the fact that he thinks it’s appropriate to refuse removal of a dirty picture, posted without permission, at the request of the model. Really, it doesn’t take very much to earn a place on my “misogynist shit list”, but Crecente has really gone above and beyond the call of duty.

So, you can imagine my snort of disbelief when I was reading Nick Douglas’s article, I’m Not Offended, I’m Just Bored: Why Gaming Journalism Should Stop Treating Women Like Meat (via this month’s Gaming in the Media), and came across this quote:

Gawker Media’s gaming site Kotaku, says editor Brian Crecente, goes out of its way to stop boy’s-club coverage.

So, I follow the link to Feminist Gamers in the Gaming in the Media article (they express a similar disbelief that Kotaku is turning over a new leaf; they also link this article by Amanda Marcotte which is worth reading) and come across the following quote from this article by Crecente:

Wow, there are a lot of hateful women out there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are just as many hateful men out there too, but none of them have been given the space in large newspapers to spew their anger at video games and the men who play them, so I’ll limit my ire to them in this post.

The post generated comments such as:

if she wouldn’t be such a c*%t then maybe the child-men she’s hangin with would put down the controller and shag the hell outta that dried up ol prune. — ROYAL_HIGHNESS

Let me guess, last guy she met stood her up for a videogame? I would too lol — IRENICUS-THE ONE AND ONLY

My God I want to slap her in the face. — INTELSILVER

Way to “[go] out of [your] way to stop boy’s-club coverage”, Crecente and Kotaku! I don’t know what I’d do without men like you to champion women’s rights by never bringing up women’s gender when it’s completely irrelevant to the topic at hand, cracking down on threats of violence against women, and distinguishing yourself from other game journalist sites out there by refusing to make inappropriate references to women’s body parts in your titles!

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6 thoughts on “Crecente fights the boy's club of gaming… ORLY?

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Exactly my sentiments too. Getting rid of boy’s club my ass. “We are really mature adults, but boy look at the boobs on that chick”…

  2. Tekanji –

    Thanks for the extra input. I know you all had a long history with Cresente, so I read the article and kind of had to pause there. *sigh* From where I sit, the boys club is alive and well.

  3. Hmm…the post above might be a bit inflammatory, I plead temporal aggrevasion on that one your honor. But that’s really the hyporcritical message they send when they for example do this, as I posted on Mighty Ponygirl’s blog:
    “For example this article about THQ getting a new Chief financial officer
    uses the follow picture:
    So yeah about that boy’s club…..”

  4. lkue said:

    Hmm…the post above might be a bit inflammatory, I plead temporal aggrevasion on that one your honor.

    Naw, I don’t consider that inflammatory (especially since it’s the usual type of rhetoric that Kotaku commenters rely on), I was just sleeping 🙂

    But that’s really the hyporcritical message they send when they for example do this, as I posted on Mighty Ponygirl’s blog:

    Question: What do two conventionally hot blonde chicks have to do with THQ’s new Chief Financial Officer?

    Answer: Absolutely nothing! Let’s use them for a picture in the article! TAKE THAT, BOY’S CLUB!

  5. Anyone who’s every spent any amount of time at Kotaku would laugh hysterically at his ‘claim’. Is Brian really in denial? Actively lying? I mean, seriously, how could he say something like that and expect people who know his site to actually buy it?

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