Bad, tekanji, bad!

Okay, I haven’t delivered on my promised third part of my Girls and Game Ads series. I will, I swear. See, now you have a promise and a swear! But it isn’t entirely the fault of my laziness, really, I’ve been busy too! No, not just playing Sims 2 (I just got University, I blame EA!), but switching around my flights to Miami and scheduling my tubal ligation. Yeah, I said tubal ligation. Excuse me while I squee like a fangirl. That’s right, folks, on September 7 I will say goodbye to my fertility and hello to reproductive freedom. More on that after the procedure.

I’m also attending a gaming conference in Seattle on the 10th. I originally wasn’t able to go ’cause I was supposed to be in Miami, but then the hurricane hit and my dad’s house got trashed by a tree so I postponed until the 12. So I’ll be traveling so much my head hurts, but it’ll be totally worth it. I’ll try to write on that too, but I might not get to it with all the running around I’ll be doing directly after.

Oh and, as you may see, I’ve added a “personal” section to the blog. It’s part of my effort to both fan my narcissism and remove the “part-time hypocrite” stamp from my forehead (you know what I’m talking about, Sour Duck) and put some more personal into my political. I’ve also added a “series” category to keep a bit better track of any post series we do here. Oh, and done some link cleanup. Some were broken, some I never read, and some I decided were too outside the spirit of my blog to keep. I’m somewhat sorry to see Little Miss Attila go, but half the time I popped over to see what was up in her neck of the woods I would be greeted by language I found offensive. I value other perspectives, but I can’t support things like calling people other people’s “bitches”.

PS. I know this blog’s design is hideous and broken for IE users. Please poke me to update it, ’cause I really should but I’m a bad, bad, person because my laziness keeps getting in the way.

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4 thoughts on “Bad, tekanji, bad!

  1. I was actually thinking about making two seperate blogs-one
    personal and one for more politcal/social issues. But then i
    remebered the personal is poltical and vice versa motto.

    Speaking of your blog layout, why does the comment section hide
    some of the words towards the ends of the box? I don’t like not
    seeing what i’m writing (i make way too many typos) and hence
    they come out all over the place like this one.

    Would love to hear more about the tubal ligation, i’m intrigued!

  2. I have no idea why it has that IE bug. I didn’t code this layout in the first place (modified it from one I found) and it’s designed to work in Firefox (which I use). While I always recommend getting Firefox – it’s superior in almost every way to IE and is from a blue company – when I redesign It’ll be WC3 compatible, tested in Firefox, IE, Slimbrowser, and Opera.

    As for the tubal, I’ll be sure to share all the gory details }:> The doc actually is supposed to give me some pictures of the inside job, so I may post them. Or if I’m nicer I’ll just link them so ye of the faint heart won’t be forced to look at my insides.

  3. Firefox may be superior in almost every way, but from a user-end, I switched back and forth between your blog in IE and Firefox, and it looks almost identical. Some of the proportions of the page layout alter very slightly, but that’s it. (E.g, the white box spaces shift slightly when I flip from IE to Firefox and back again.)

    Although I agree with the “blue company” point. 🙂

    RE: removal of “part-time hypocrite” stamp – 😀 . Good for you.

    And regarding the third part in the Girls and Game Ads series – I’m not looking at my watch, tapping my foot. Because I subscribe to your blog through Bloglines (rather than bookmarking your blog in a web browser and checking it every day for new posts), I figure when it arrives, it arrives. 🙂

    BTW, I’m typing this comment in Firefox and you’re right, from a user end this *is* superior in at least one respect: it doesn’t chop off my text as I’m typing (as Kristy notes).

    RE: your and Kristy’s musings about whether to split stuff off into another blog according to subject matter. There are a couple of very good pieces I’ve read lately:

    Learning the Lessons of Nixon, “Be True to Your Blog” (but I always think of it as “I say unto you, fellow blogger: Don’t start another blog.”),

    Half Changed World, “In praise of uncategorizable blogs”,

    I’m pretty sure I disagree with LLN, but it’s so persuasive…! Half Changed World *really* convinces me, using the example of Mommybloggers and politics.

    (I’m going to put both in my bookmarks page – if you’re interested, here:

  4. Well, part of the point with Firefox is that it’s more picky about being WC3 compatible. Meaning that if things look right on the user’s end in FF, they should look right in IE, but it’s rarely the reverse. Which is one reason why this problem is so weird – I have no idea what the original author could have done to make it fubar like that. Suffice it to say, aside from grabbing my link code, I’m going to be doing this from the ground up. It’ll also be WC3 compatible which means it should display well enough on all browsers, not just IE and FF.

    I read the second link you gave (the fonts on LLN didn’t anti-alias properly so it was giving me a headache to read it) and it was quite interesting. Even if I didn’t agree with what was said, I’d probably stick to one blog (well, the blog and my tri-monthly article – speaking of which I need to update it…) ’cause I update this puppy too infrequently as it is. It gives me images of having five different blogs all updated once a year LOL

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