And THIS is how you do satire

The views I am about to express are not very fashionable. They are certainly not politically correct. But I believe what I am about to say must be expressed to protect the institution of marriage.

Too often in the media, currency is given to the theory that everyone should be allowed to marry regardless of gender, outlook and whether the two people are creating a suitable family environment in which to bring up children.

Well, it is time to ask some hard questions about this attitude. The only way we will save marriage is to reclaim the institution for the mainstream. Marriage is for normal people who want to raise children in a healthy and secure environment. This is why we should ban religious fundamentalists from marrying.

Read the rest of There’s a fundamental wrong in letting some people marry. It’s the best done satire I’ve read in a while.

Via Ragnell.

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6 thoughts on “And THIS is how you do satire

  1. I think that it would be improved by leaving out the last line — I’m a big fan of letting people come up with the conclusion for themselves by pretty much steering them to it so that they’re the ones saying the words, not me.

    In any case, the delivery is pretty damn good.

  2. Imagine how confused and guilty children would feel when they were indoctrinated with the bizarre idea that they were born with the stain of original sin and were in fact so inherently bad that a man had to bleed to death to make it all OK.

    Actually, I think the writer’s got a legitimate point there.

  3. This really made my day when I read it. Seeing the oft-repeated mantras that opponents of gay marriage use to (attempt to) justify their position as to “why homosexuals can’t get married” — seeing the tables turned, especially when fundamentalist religious groups actually commit those ‘crimes’ they fear from the homosexual community without fear of retribution because it’s a free country (when really, it’s not — well, it is if you’re privileged)… Beautiful.

    I would sincerely love for some fundamentalist, any religious fundamentalist really, to read this and, if nothing else, pause and start to think before spewing out their venom next time.

    If one person starts thinking critically about what they’ve been assuming to be ‘right’, their whole world can change. They might even influence others to take up that most dangerous hobby.

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