A bumpersticker I'd want to have

Protect Human Beings

So, I was driving home today and I was behind a van with a bunch of bumperstickers. The ones that caught my eye were, the yellow “Support our Soldiers” ribbon with “Support Pres. Bush!” penned in on the free side, a “Protect Life!” pink and blue ribbon (with little feet, how cute!), and a “Protect Human Life” bumpersticker with two silouetted faces (male and female, I think) on the bottom.

Which got me thinking on the kinds of bumper stickers I’d like to have on my car: “Want to reduce abortions? Support comprehensive sex-ed and free contraceptives.”; “I’m Pro-Life: I support existing people’s right to control their own lives.”; and, of course, the one that I wanted so bad I photoshopped me a picture of it.

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2 thoughts on “A bumpersticker I'd want to have

  1. I was behind a car going too slow on my way home from work yesterday and they had a bumper sticker that said “It’s a child, not a choice.” …. Unfortunately, I’m not feeling the pithy saying vibe today. “It’s a blastocyst, not a baby”? Meh.

    I, er, happen to know some people who had a campaign that involved taking the “Support our troops” ribbons from cars in parking lots, repainting them with anti-war slogans, and redistributing them. They even made the newspaper…sorta. Someone in an article was quoted as saying “The magnets are so popular, even thieves wanted to get in on the trend.” Not exactly.

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