Link Category Mess

My “More Feminists” category is too large, but I haven’t been able to find a good way to categorize the ones there in a useful way. I’ve been considering separating out “Sex positive Feminists” and “Radical Feminists”, but I’m somewhat afraid of opening that can of worms. I dunno.

For those of you familiar with the feminist blogs I link (and those of you who check ‘em out in response to this post), what do y’all think? Do you have any ideas for further categories? If you’re on my blogroll (no matter your category), can you think of a section that you’d like to see (and perhaps be put in)?

Any and all advice is appreciated.

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2 Responses to Link Category Mess

  1. air says:

    Unfortunately, I have no advice to offer, but I did want to thank you for putting me on your blogroll. You guys are great; I love what you write.


  2. bellatrys says:

    Unless you’re interested in being The Arbiter for the subsequent dialectic-war over hammering out the philosophical definition of “sex-positive” and “radical” – ie painting the world’s biggest target on your blog and shouting “Flamewar Here!” – I would recommend against it.

    For one thing, there are incompatible definitions of “sex-positive” out there.

    For another thing, there are incompatible definitions of “radical feminism.” (Thus the genesis of my humorous avatar showing the square root sign over the alchemical symbol for woman: by some people’s definitions I am one, by others I am not at all. A rose by any other name still has thorns…)

    For a third, many people self-identify as both.

    A more useful breakdown might be by major fields of interest, or countries/regions of origin: I’m always interested in reading what’s going on in other countries and compare/contrast to my own, and sometimes I’ll be reading someone for a while and then realize that they’re in England or Canada or Taiwan and that changes everything a little and opens up new fields for discussion – what are the rules & customs where YOU are? How is the experience of being an ethnic minority different? Of being a fan? as well as of being a feminist?

    Feminists-with-children might be another useful category – but as always, all categories overlap. But since the rightwing insists that happily-partnered and parenting feminist women don’t exist, (just as they insist that all male feminists are merely pretending so as to get nookie) this would be a useful tool for instruction as well as a way of increasing solidarity.

    Just a few thoughts…

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