New Policy: All Comments Moderated

Due to the insurgence of trolls who believe that they are above the rules that govern common decency, I’ve decided to put all comments to moderated. Especially because of the time difference, I’m not around enough to get my delete on. So, please be advised from now on all comments must be approved by me, and I will not let any comments through that are harassing, rude, or otherwise in violation of the comment policy. You have been warned.

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5 Responses to New Policy: All Comments Moderated

  1. Darth Sidhe says:

    Poor trolls. They won’t be able to use your space as a soapbox any more. You’ve taken away their Constitutionally protected right to be assholes on a private space. OH WAIT

  2. Lake Desire says:

    A private, NOT AMERICAN space.

    Is there a way regulars can bipass the moderation? I don’t have access to the ban-users option otherwise I would have been kicking those trolls back under the bridge faster than they try to stomp us back under their oppressive boots.

  3. Luke says:

    no prob. I had to do the same after some particularly nasty comments about an old post about Duke. i really wish WP had the “enter code” option though for spammers..

  4. tekanji says:

    Yeah. Spam has been pretty bad for me, too. Especially that bullshit trackback spam. Ugh that annoys me.

    Welcome back to blogging, by the way :)

  5. Mary says:


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