Request for Reader Opinions

I did some changing to my link list (the right hand one) in an effort to make it better organized. In essence, I created a “Feminism” section and split up some of my feminist blogs even further.

So, a few questions:

  1. Is the breaking down of the feminist blogs into several categories better or worse than what I had before?
  2. Do you think the category names are appropriate, or should they be changed? If they should be changed, what do you recommend?
  3. My link list is rather large, do you find it’s hard to navigate? If so, should I:
    • Leave it the way it is.
    • Put some sections on the left side.
    • Remove all/some links from the side and make a separate page just for links.
  4. My “More Feminists” category is kind of like my “Unclassified Blogs” category. Do you have any ideas for further categorizing the feminist blogs there? I would like to make one for feminist blogs focusing on sex/sexuality, but I can’t think of a good name.
  5. Do you see any blogs that are categorized wrong? Would you like your blog put into a different section? Please tell me and I’ll make the appropriate changes!

Any other comments/advice on my link list is welcome. The point is to entice people to visit the links, and if my list isn’t doing that then stuff needs to change.

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9 Responses to Request for Reader Opinions

  1. Hugo says:

    No, it’s useful — though the “more feminists” is a big and diverse category.

  2. tekanji says:

    Yeah, that’s my “Oh, crap, I can’t think of any good categories!” category. I’m completely open to suggestions on how to whittle it down better.

  3. Ragnell says:

    You could split up the group blogs from the single ones.

  4. tekanji says:

    Hmm. Do you think that would take precedence over the other classifications? For instance, would Amp’s blog belong in the group category because multiple (non-men) blog on it, too?

  5. Ragnell says:

    Would make sense, since even though he’s the owner, its not solely his blog.

  6. tekanji says:

    Since you’re full of good ideas, do you have any suggestions for what to call the category? :P

  7. Ragnell says:

    Team Feminism?

  8. tekanji says:

    Thanks for the suggestion :D I took it with slight modification

  9. LC says:

    Well, I just got here, but I think it is a good list. I’ve always preferred some kind of guide instead of just a massive list of links.

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