Carnival of Feminists 9

Mind the Gap has just put up issue 9 of the Feminist carnival. Topics include: Feminism, Issues That Matter, and The Body.

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2 Responses to Carnival of Feminists 9

  1. vegankid says:

    Sorry, i didn’t see contact info anywhere, so i thought i’d just leave a comment. I wanted to make sure that you knew about Blog Against Sexism Day on March 8. I couldn’t remember if i had emailed yall before. Anyway, you can get more info at I’d love to see yall participate (i know, not a real big stretch for ya:). And please help spread the word.

  2. tekanji says:

    You’ve been plugged, and yah I’ll participate. Hopefully I won’t be too busy (I have like 3 posts halfway done and no time to do them in *sigh*), but it shouldn’t be too hard to whip something up.

    If I was a good blog owner I’d make the way to contact me less obtuse (you actually have to go to Shrub, then click on e-mail and select me) but that’s for another day… o.o

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