What would I know? I'm just a potential host.

Found this gem via feminist_rage [emphasis mine]:

Why dont [sic] you ever let the father decide if he wants to have his child. What gives you the right to decide if his baby lives or dies. It’s not your body your [sic] killing. You are killing another person with a heart lungs head ect… You are just the host.

[From Re: Women’s Rights on Yahoo! News Message Boards]

People like this are why feminism is still sorely needed, especially in the US. Until women are seen as people instead of walking uteruses I’m going to do my part in promoting equality.

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4 Responses to What would I know? I'm just a potential host.

  1. Darth Sidhe says:

    One of the reasons why I want to get snipped as soon as possible. Also one of the reasons I’ll have trouble finding a doctor to help me do so.

  2. tekanji says:

    Seriously. If you can do a Seattle doc, though, I’ll give you the info of mine. He is not only understanding, but seems to be pretty smart and reallly good at his job too.

  3. SunlessNick says:

    If a foetus is a person, then it’s a person who subjects the woman concerned to nine months of relentless, life-threatening assault. In any context, the words “self-defense” would be being bandied about.

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