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When you can use offensive terms and not be offensive

If you’re part of a privileged group, when can you use offensive terms without being offensive? Watch the video to find out. Personally, I think the last example using the white person cuts through all the crap about bigoted humour … Continue reading

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If only we could take the stereotypes to court

We object to your stereotyping! Mia of Phoenix Wright takes on the stereotype about girls and socializing in the court of law. We object, too, Mia, we object, too. (Thanks Revena!)

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And THIS is how you do satire

The views I am about to express are not very fashionable. They are certainly not politically correct. But I believe what I am about to say must be expressed to protect the institution of marriage. Too often in the media, … Continue reading

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Good Idea, Bad Idea: Girlfriend List Satire

I am a huge fan of satire. Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” was a delightful read. Irony is my bread and butter and I appreciate it when people can use it to great effect. But, therein lies the rub: most … Continue reading

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The War on Non-Christians' Newest Soldier: Spam

So, December is right around the corner and it seems like it’s that time again. Yes, time for the fundamentalist Christians who are hell bent on giving all Christians a bad name, interpreting “freedom of religion” as “freedom for my … Continue reading

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Dinosaur Comics on the male gaze

It’s as the subject line says. Go and read, it is entertaining and educational! Via revena.

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This Gives a Whole New Meaning to 'Freudian Slip'

Penis Envy And people said I was crazy when I talked about “girl power” being not much more than male appropriation of female power. Howard Chaykin’s illustrations of Red Sonja take this to an extreme by giving her a penis … Continue reading

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And Now For Something Completely Different

A guy rapping to sell products in Shinjuku I’m working on a real post, I promise. But, in the meantime, please enjoy this movie I took while in Shinjuku. It’s very loud, so I recommend turning the volume down before … Continue reading

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To Keep You Company While I'm gone

Please enjoy the above movie. It’s college kids showing off their rendition of Mario Bros. Via Evil Li-brul Overlord >:D.

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The other side of… the other side?

Apparently someone who can only be bitter about me banning him made the letters of a Salon article. Under the heading, “Are Feminists Necessary?” he writes this multi-paragraph treatise that, frankly, I didn’t read. I sort of thought that his … Continue reading

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