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Rules Update and Admin Notice

First of all, I’ve added a new section to the Discussion Rules about what to do if you’re told to check your privilege. Just a reminder, folks, this blog is an anti-oppression blog and while it’s okay to disagree with … Continue reading

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Formatting Question

I’ve changed the way that blockquotes are formatted in an effort to make them more readable. This is what the new blockquoting format looks like. Do you find it more readable? Less readable? Do you have suggestions for making it … Continue reading

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Spam Related Issues

Apparently I’ve had a batch of comments (I’m not sure how many) be marked as spam and therefore not published. I also found out that a group of comments that I approved somehow got unapproved and two of them ended … Continue reading

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Looking for Guest Bloggers

Okay, this semester is completely brutal and I’m not sure when I’m going to have time to get back to blogging for more than a entry at a time. So, I’m putting out a call for guest bloggers starting in … Continue reading

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Change in Anti-Spam Plugins

I recently took Bad Behavior off OS.CB and replaced it with Spam Karma 2. This is because I couldn’t troubleshoot in the suggested way and more than one person remarked on a problem. SK2 seems to have more cusomizability, so … Continue reading

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On the Alas Controversy

I would just like to inform my readership that, after careful consideration, I have decided to remove the link to Alas, a Blog and remove my postings there from when I guest posted. Ultimately I have done this because I … Continue reading

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Link Category Mess

My “More Feminists” category is too large, but I haven’t been able to find a good way to categorize the ones there in a useful way. I’ve been considering separating out “Sex positive Feminists” and “Radical Feminists”, but I’m somewhat … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.0.4

I just upgraded to the newest WP, I’ve also chosen to not continue the use of the image authentication problem because a significant amount of spam was still coming through. If you have any problems with this new version, please … Continue reading

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What does your t-shirt say? (now with MORE dumb t-shirts!)

With the popularity and availability of screen printing and selling t-shirts over the internet, seems like everybody’s got some idea, phrase or illustration they want to market in t-shirt form. So for anywhere from $7-25 bucks, you get to wear not only a piece of clothing but something that says something to everyone else. It’s what you want other people to read or notice or learn about. For that moment, whether it’s a wayward glance on the subway or the start-up of a conversation in line from a deep gaze, the t-shirt and its modern storytelling (oh, lets say in the past couple years) reveals another form of violent backlash and aggression by men to women. Continue reading

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Summer Vacation

My dad’s coming into Tokyo today, and tomorrow I’m off to meet him for a fun-filled week of doing anything except for thinking about Japanese. I may have to speak it to get around in some places, or read it … Continue reading

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