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"But sexism is normal in RPGs!"

From “But sexism is normal in RPGs!” on The Heroine Next Door: huh, funny how all the settings have sexually-harrassing women and treating women as second-class citizens as the norm. I haven’t played in an rpg yet in which women … Continue reading

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Technical Difficulties

Due to some technical difficulties involving me not upgrading WP as fast as I should have, Shrub was down for an undetermined amount of time (I was sleeping) and is now operating under the default theme. When I get a … Continue reading

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Off to WisCon!

I’m off to WisCon for the week! I’ll be back May 29, but until then moderation will probably be much delayed, especially for borderline cases. Sorry, but, the conference calls! For those of you going, I’m presenting on idealized bodies … Continue reading

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Expected down time

Starting at 12:01AM PDT on Sunday May 13th 2007 this site is expected to be down for approximately 5 hours. I apologize for this inconvenience.

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Today I Called Someone's Actions Racist

Note: I don’t want to write about this on my blog because I want to hear from race-discussing people, my blog is so quiet you can hear the crickets chirping. I don’t want to write about it on the Daily … Continue reading

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The impossibility of dialogue

[Happy one two year birthday to the Official Blog! I’m very grateful that Andrea gave me the opportunity to join her site, and I’m glad she’s here doing all the work that she does. Here’s to many more years.]

As I mentioned in my previous post, I recently took a class on racism and white privilege. My professor was unflinching in his recognition that some things about anti-oppression work are “impossible.” And while this sounds like a pessimistic view of things, I think it was very important that he acknowledged this concept and repeatedly brought it to our attention.

I chose to write about this subject for the one two-year anniversary of the Official Blog because of that importance, despite the fact that it also sounds pretty dreary. I mean, it is a bit disheartening to commemorate the birth of an anti-oppression blog by talking about everything it can’t do.

But recognizing difficulties can always do two different things: it can bring you down, and it can also help you clarify your path to better accomplish your goals. As you can guess, I hope to do the latter. Continue reading

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New Blog: First Woman

Ragnell has created a new group blog: First Woman. In her own words: Saturday morning, Hillary Rodham Clinton officially announced her candidacy for President. […] So, I’m finally starting a political blog, so I can follow the media coverage and … Continue reading

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Suggestions for a New Spam Blocker?

I’ve had it with Spam Karma. Because it bypasses the indigenous moderation settings, it’s causing certain comments to bypass moderation. The plugin I downloaded for it just doesn’t work properly, and because I’m no longer going to be around every … Continue reading

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Site Notice

[12.13 Please Note: Comments are not “being deleted” as many people are claiming. This blog is moderated and that means that all comments must go through the moderation queue first. Because of an issue with Spam Karma, sometimes comments get … Continue reading

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Blogging Break

Blogging has ceased to be fun, so I’m going to take a break and enjoy playing FFXI. My co-bloggers will hold down the fort as well as their lives allow, so please play nice. Comments may take a while to … Continue reading

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