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Feminist Infighting

I was just reading An Open Letter to the White Feminist Community and was struck following arguments: WE ARE ALL WOMEN FIRST and every one of these women who call themselves feminists seems to have forgotten that infighting doesn’t further … Continue reading

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Suggested Actions for White Feminist Allies from Katie

On my blog, I had just linked to an excellent and common example by BrownFemiPower of white women getting credit for helping women at large when they’ve actually done a lot of harm to women. How did they do this … Continue reading

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The power of indifference

Yonmei has a post up about The politics of indifference which I think makes a great example of privilege in action. I’ve excerpted a portion (with one minor edit so the text doesn’t break my layout): I have experienced bigotry … Continue reading

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Forcing all spaces to be privilege-oriented spaces

A lot of time my Privilege in Action posts are born out of me seeing two unrelated areas of interest facing the same exact privileged arguments. This time, it’s on the subject of women-oriented spaces, but of course it can … Continue reading

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On air Privilege in Action

Maybe it’s a little unfair to be using FoxNews as the subject of a PiA post, since that station seems to go out of its way to defend and perpetuate bigotry, but the methodology is exactly the same as people … Continue reading

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More real world Privilege in Action: Casual heterosexism

I wrote about my language school for another PiA post here, but I’d like to bring it up again today. My topic here is heterosexism and it’s in similar vein to the first post and, again, about a reoccurring pattern. … Continue reading

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"Black is an EXTRA feature… Therefore, you hav[e] to PAY for it."

Via kynn who found it via symbioid; some information on Acclaim’s new game, Dance, where the default is white. One of the users took issue with this and began a thread called, I GOTTA PAY TO BE BLACK? This situation … Continue reading

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Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there

Today’s PiA post comes from the Girl Wonder forums. It is, in part, a reaction to my privilege list, which the poster in question was linked to among other posts. I have lived my life bullied and dismissed and marginalized … Continue reading

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Richie elaborates on Privilege in Action, so I don't have to!

Over at his newly created blog, Crimitism, Richie writes an Analysis of MySpace responses that he received on his own blog. It’s the same subject of opinions that I discussed in my last post, but in a different context. Here’s … Continue reading

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Do we have the right to express our opinion anywhere, anytime?

If I tell myself, “this will be a short PiA post” will that make it true? Anyway, this post is halfway between real life and internet, as it happened to me while I was playing Final Fantasy XI last night. … Continue reading

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