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Debunking a "female privilege" list

Over on her LJ, Rachel Edidin debunks purported “female privileges” one by one: Let’s take a closer look at some of these “female privileges”: 1. I am physically able to give birth to another human being, and then do my … Continue reading

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Two posts feminists should read

First up is a post at AllyWork on the qualities of an ally. It’s an anti-racist focused version of a paper from the Gay and Lesbian Action Council called “Qualities of a GLBT Ally.” On the list of what makes … Continue reading

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An argument for feminism

I just had an attack of the 500-line comment, so I decided to turn it into a blog post instead. On her blog, Angry Black Woman has a post up called On Feminism, part 1 where she quotes from Why … Continue reading

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The power of indifference

Yonmei has a post up about The politics of indifference which I think makes a great example of privilege in action. I’ve excerpted a portion (with one minor edit so the text doesn’t break my layout): I have experienced bigotry … Continue reading

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More on harassment on the internet

So, the Angry Black Woman posts about an experience she had with a troll who, when banned, continued to harass her. The post itself is worth a read, but (oh so predictably) another troll shows up in her comments to … Continue reading

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If you have to say "i'm not racist" chances are you are

A trend that you can’t help but notice if you follow any sort of racial issues is that when white people do something racist, they almost always include in their apology, “I’m not a racist”. Most of you should know … Continue reading

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Luxury of Travel: Ariel's Trips to Canada & Nicaragua

I’m in Nicaragua right now and taking advantage of my American right to travel. I can move fairly freely in a country impoverished by my nation’s doing–and by extent my own. I certainly benefit from globalization and the United State’s … Continue reading

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Who's the one arguing in bad faith?

This week is International Blog Against Racism Week (hat tip to Oyce for the icon). I actually contributed to day one without meaning to, posting a quick rebuttal to the claim that the no one complained about the previous games … Continue reading

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Resident Evil 5 Trailer

Can you spot what’s wrong with the trailer? Hint: it’s not the cg or the cinematography. Via Iris forums. ETA: For all the racist-apologist fanboys who are offended at the very thought of people engaging in criticism of their beloved … Continue reading

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When you can use offensive terms and not be offensive

If you’re part of a privileged group, when can you use offensive terms without being offensive? Watch the video to find out. Personally, I think the last example using the white person cuts through all the crap about bigoted humour … Continue reading

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