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If only we could take the stereotypes to court

We object to your stereotyping! Mia of Phoenix Wright takes on the stereotype about girls and socializing in the court of law. We object, too, Mia, we object, too. (Thanks Revena!)

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Cerise Magazine Submissions Reminder

Cerise, the new magazine by and for gaming women, is still accepting submissions for our first issue. The deadline is April 15, 2007. What we’re looking for: Reviews of games, systems and gaming supplements In-depth critiques, essays and opinion pieces … Continue reading

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Harassment, silencing, and gaming communities: follow-up

I just wanted to do a quick follow-up on my Harassment, silencing, and gaming communities, posting some relevant links. First up is Lake Desire with her thoughts on my piece. My favourite part is where she says this: I want … Continue reading

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"Geek Girl" Stereotype Bingo

Inspired by this post at Feminist Gamers and this post on The IRIS Network forums, I decided to take an old post of mine and turn it into a bingo scorecard. Basically the rules are that when you see a … Continue reading

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Yes, Kotaku, you WERE the reason why we started TIN! And also, Santa is real.

Brian Crecente of Kotaku has tried to take credit for the inception of The IRIS Network. I’m not even joking: In my caveman like attempts at prodding talented, strong-voiced women into writing more vocally about gaming I have stirred the … Continue reading

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New Gaming Site: The IRIS Network

If you’ve been wondering about my silence for the past couple of weeks, I have a deep, dark secret to confess: Along with Revena I’ve been building and launching The IRIS Network, a new gaming site focused on helping to … Continue reading

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Kotaku Wants Women Bloggers

Well, it’s official, Kotaku blogger Crecente has done his homework and decided that women just don’t blog about video games! This, of course, on the wake of Kotaku link blogging Guilded Lily’s post on covers she wants to see without … Continue reading

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Another Not-So-Bad GF List

How to Get Your Girlfriend to Play Video Games is one of the better lists out there. I am still not, and will never be, a fan of these lists, but if I had to put together a list of … Continue reading

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Fabricating rationality by making the other side look irrational

In the past week, I have been alerted to two very different posts in two very different spheres of the online world. The similarity? They both deal with a privileged group taking an argument made by a non-privileged group and … Continue reading

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Covers that make me say, "I want to play that!"

Over at Yudhishthira’s Dice, Brand poses the question: Ladies, what RPG covers (or interiors) have you seen that involve a woman in the art that make you say, “I want to play that” or, just as good “I want to … Continue reading

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