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Brian Ashcraft, let me do your homework for you

In Kotaku’s grand tradition of shoddy reporting and lack of any decent research, Brian Ashcraft has written an impassioned but so supremely hypocritical article on the RapeLay controversy (link roundup) that I felt compelled to briefly bring this blog temporary … Continue reading

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The New Yorker gets a 0 on the Swift-o-Meter

Racism is satire when “progressives” do it! I am not a regular reader of The New Yorker, but I have never been a huge fan of their cartoons. Some of them have made me chuckle, some of them have made … Continue reading

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At this rate, there won't be any games left for me to play

I have been feeling rather unhappy with Capcom for a while, but this takes the cake: Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi tells Kotaku that calls of racial insensitivity haven’t affected the game’s design. Takeuchi tells the site that the … Continue reading

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Keith Olbermann calls Clinton on her shit

Did I mention that I hate politics? Hat tip morchades.

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They're called "hosts", tyvm

When Jill linked to an article on “geisha guys” in a recent link roundup, I thought to myself, “I bet they’re talking about hosts. I mean, what would an article about Japan be without using Othering terminology to emphasize how … Continue reading

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UN Commision on the Status of Women: 52 Session

So, the report for the Fifty-second Session of the UN Commision on the Status of Women has just been released. Here’s an excerpt from the ‘It Is Time For The World To Make Women A Priority’ press release: “It is … Continue reading

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Suggested Actions for White Feminist Allies from Katie

On my blog, I had just linked to an excellent and common example by BrownFemiPower of white women getting credit for helping women at large when they’ve actually done a lot of harm to women. How did they do this … Continue reading

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Can we stop misrepresenting our own movement?

So, Feministing is soliciting submissions for a new book called Yes Means Yes! (hat tip: feminist_writer LJ community). The book aims to brainstorm constructive ways that a more positive attitude towards sexuality, especially female sexuality, can help dismantle rape culture: … Continue reading

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Hmm, this sounds familiar

Not that this is earth shattering news or anything, but anti-oppression activists aren’t the only ones who are tired with the “it’s just a joke!” claim that’s aimed to get out of being responsible for one’s words. From a website … Continue reading

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Happy National Coming Out Day

Hopefully I’m still in time. The timezone stuff is weird.

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