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The New Yorker gets a 0 on the Swift-o-Meter

Racism is satire when “progressives” do it! I am not a regular reader of The New Yorker, but I have never been a huge fan of their cartoons. Some of them have made me chuckle, some of them have made … Continue reading

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Keith Olbermann calls Clinton on her shit

Did I mention that I hate politics? Hat tip morchades.

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Suggested Actions for White Feminist Allies from Katie

On my blog, I had just linked to an excellent and common example by BrownFemiPower of white women getting credit for helping women at large when they’ve actually done a lot of harm to women. How did they do this … Continue reading

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Happy National Coming Out Day

Hopefully I’m still in time. The timezone stuff is weird.

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If you have to say "i'm not racist" chances are you are

A trend that you can’t help but notice if you follow any sort of racial issues is that when white people do something racist, they almost always include in their apology, “I’m not a racist”. Most of you should know … Continue reading

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Early sex education

Is the vocabulary to properly talk about our own bodies too sophisticated a topic for children to be introduced to as early as kindergarten? Bill O’Reilly seems to think so, at least in regard to the word “uterus”, which apparently … Continue reading

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Batgirl fights for equal pay!

I knew that there was a reason that I loved Batgirl in the old Batman TV show. Via Feminist Gamers.

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Campus Violence is Institutionalized

Folks talk about campus violence like it’s perpetuated by a few bad apples, tgise disenfranchised men and boys who play too many violent video games. What the mainstream doesn’t talk about is campus violence like violence against women or police … Continue reading

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New Blog: First Woman

Ragnell has created a new group blog: First Woman. In her own words: Saturday morning, Hillary Rodham Clinton officially announced her candidacy for President. […] So, I’m finally starting a political blog, so I can follow the media coverage and … Continue reading

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Fox News on genderblind college rooming

On a related issue, Fox News contributes to the skyrocketing divorce rates with this insulting piece. Seriously, if their relationships are that bad that they believe that kind of BS, why are they married in the first place? Via queer_rage

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