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My Weight and Jealousy of Male Bodies

Sometimes I wish I had a male body. I wish I didn’t have to work twice as hard to be half as good at the sports I enjoy. I wish I could eat three bowls of cereal before I go … Continue reading

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Drinking and Choice

Doing my dishes, I remembered a conversation I had at a local bar and it gave me a “WTF??” moment in terms of how I thought of the idea that people who get so drunk they can’t remember are always … Continue reading

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Short post on disability and my school

As some of you may know, I’m currently attending language school in Japan. There is a student dorm, but most of the housing is apartments rented out to students. When I first got here, I was a bit surprised to … Continue reading

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So This Is Growing Up

This is a bit of a personal post, musing about my future because I’d appreciate some advice from you wizened lot.

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Feminist SF Carnival: 4th Edition

Welcome to the Fourth Edition of the Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans! We’ve got quite a collection here this time, a whole host of topics organized by medium: Comic Books and Novels, Film and Television, and (my … Continue reading

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Before Wedding Quickie: Friends, drag, and street harassment

My sister’s getting married tomorrow, so I’m in Seattle for the weekend (paying to have hideously expensive internet for the night). I’ll be back for real on Tuesday. So, first the good points: Ariel came down to see me and … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Today’s my birthday. I turn a very (im)mature 24. Birthday wishes are expected, from all of you. Even the lurkers.

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I'm flashed, yet somehow it's my fault

Yesterday, my friend and I were sitting on my apartment’s balcony eating dinner when something happened. My building overlooks another apartment building that is across the street. One of the neighbors in this building was sitting with his chair beside … Continue reading

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How NOT to get me to support your cause

The “Right” Reason? Note to Mother’s Rights Activists: If you want my support, do not use sexist advertising like the image above. My tits will never feed babies. This is by my choice. Not you, not your group, not anyone … Continue reading

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Carnival of Empty Cages 2

Welcome to the second issue of the Carnival of Empty Cages, the collection of blog posts celebrating compassion, veganism, and animals. This issue’s theme is passion. What gets you going? Read on to find out. Continue reading

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