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More real world Privilege in Action: Casual heterosexism

I wrote about my language school for another PiA post here, but I’d like to bring it up again today. My topic here is heterosexism and it’s in similar vein to the first post and, again, about a reoccurring pattern. … Continue reading

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On being an anti-racist white ally

Two separate instances on live journal have really had me thinking about my commitment to be anti-racist. The first is a series of posts by my LJ friend kynn, which I won’t link to here because there’s, um, quite a … Continue reading

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Harassment, silencing, and gaming communities

Sheelzebub has some information on how a tech blogger named Kathy Sierra is being stalked, harassed, and threatened. It reminds me of the time that I got a threatening letter sent to my house because I had banned someone from … Continue reading

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Real world Privilege in Action

Usually I stick to online examples of Privilege in Action because I can link and quote and let the people who read it see the full context firsthand. But today I’d like to make a short PiA post that is … Continue reading

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Dealing with Tech Support [My Voodoo, Part 3]

I must confess, ever since I heard that HP had acquired Voodoo PC, I’ve been nervous about things. I’m not a fan of HP — not their printers and especially not their computers — and when they merged with Compaq … Continue reading

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Here, have some videos

Just in case y’all were wondering (and I know you were), I was off snowboarding in Hakuba this weekend. And, because I love you so much, here’s a picture.


And don’t forget to watch the vids I took (small and short, blame the cell phone) of the festival that happened on Saturday. You can see taiko and fireworks! They’re behind the cut.

Oh, and since I now officially have my computer back and in working order (the explanation on that one is coming soon, I promise) I’m going to get back to what’s important: Final Fantasy XI. So if you don’t see the conclusion to my Beauty Myth series, or other important posts, anytime soon… well, can you really blame me? I mean, come on, I had an entire month with only my consoles to console me (no pun intended… really).

Anyway, don’t forget to go to the cut to watch the totally awesome videos I took. Continue reading

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The Penis Monologues

I’m in favor of men speaking out about how patriarchy hurts them; how they’re expected to act as men, how they’re denied validity in their emotions beyond anger—and denied their full humanity as oppressors. But it isn’t the job of … Continue reading

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Some things you may not know about me

So, I’ve been tagged for a meme. I get tagged occasionally and usually don’t give in, but I decided to give it a go this time. Maybe I’m just trying to avoid doing a real post or thinking about how … Continue reading

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Wave Your Penis Somewhere Else

Red Square, a hub on my university’s campus, never seems to be a safe space. Today, one of the La Rouche folks (I refuse to call them La Rouchebags) asked me if I liked Lynne Cheney’s dick. I felt ill. … Continue reading

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I'm on break, go read other posts

I’m officially going on blogging break. I need to focus on school for the time being and I have a lot of other stuff that has piled up. I dunno when I’ll be back — it all depends on how … Continue reading

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