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On slut-shaming, deleting comments, and respectful discourse

ETA 2011/03/06: It turns out that my comments were marked as spam, not deleted; they have now been published. For some reason Blogspot, unlike WordPress (which most of my experience is with), displays your comment as properly posted after you … Continue reading

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I have internet, yay!

So, I’m in Osaka and finally have my internet working. Yay! Now I just need to answer all those e-mails and catch up with all that’s happened on teh intarweb while I’ve been internet-less…

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I'm moving to Osaka

I’m moving to Osaka on Saturday, and my internet isn’t going to be hooked up until April 1. I might be able to find some free wireless but I’m not counting on it. Right now I’m in moving hell, but … Continue reading

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I'm on Game Career Guide

I just realized that I forgot to plug myself here. Via my other blog, The Life and Times of a Video Game Design Student, I was contacted to do a piece for Game Career Guide which is now up for … Continue reading

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I don't like being an educator, really….

If you’re wondering where my internet- and writing-oriented energies have been going lately, that would be into fleshing out the Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog FAQ: FAQ: What roles should men play in feminism? FAQ: What’s wrong with saying that … Continue reading

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Tekanji the video game design student

Yesterday I took my entrance exams for HAL, a famous technical school in Japan, and got in. Starting April I will officially be studying video game design and planning for the next four years. I took a tour yesterday and … Continue reading

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Luxury of Travel: Ariel's Trips to Canada & Nicaragua

I’m in Nicaragua right now and taking advantage of my American right to travel. I can move fairly freely in a country impoverished by my nation’s doing–and by extent my own. I certainly benefit from globalization and the United State’s … Continue reading

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Voices from the past

Or, in this case, my voice from the past. When looking up stuff on cyberstalking for someone, I came across an article that I wrote in 2006: The virtues of being mouthy, talking back, etc… Being mouthy is both liberating … Continue reading

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Brain on Break

So, I’m behind on my homework, applications for various things (from the JLPT to the schools I want to go to) are in less than two weeks, and all I can think of is that I want to graduate some … Continue reading

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More real world Privilege in Action: Casual heterosexism

I wrote about my language school for another PiA post here, but I’d like to bring it up again today. My topic here is heterosexism and it’s in similar vein to the first post and, again, about a reoccurring pattern. … Continue reading

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