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Opportunity for gaming interviewers — No experience necessary!

Have you ever wanted to enter the field of gaming journalism, but didn’t have the time or the confidence in your writing skills to submit an article? Does the opportunity to interact with industry professionals appeal to you? If so, … Continue reading

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They're called "hosts", tyvm

When Jill linked to an article on “geisha guys” in a recent link roundup, I thought to myself, “I bet they’re talking about hosts. I mean, what would an article about Japan be without using Othering terminology to emphasize how … Continue reading

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Crecente fights the boy's club of gaming… ORLY?

Now, I’ll be honest here. I think that Brian Crecente is an unprofessional misogynist who doesn’t have the writing skills to match his journalism education. Given his track record, I don’t think he’s fit to write articles, much less be … Continue reading

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I'm on Game Career Guide

I just realized that I forgot to plug myself here. Via my other blog, The Life and Times of a Video Game Design Student, I was contacted to do a piece for Game Career Guide which is now up for … Continue reading

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On NPR, diversity, and responding to criticism

So, ABW wrote a post about NPR and their apparent lack of diversity and NPR responded. While I know that ABW is planning on discussing her own response, I read over the letter and was pretty much floored that a … Continue reading

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Early sex education

Is the vocabulary to properly talk about our own bodies too sophisticated a topic for children to be introduced to as early as kindergarten? Bill O’Reilly seems to think so, at least in regard to the word “uterus”, which apparently … Continue reading

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Something to think about

Trying to help clear out some backlog for Jade Reporting (we’re looking for volunteers, by the way), I came across these recent titles from articles on Destructoid: New Destructoid wallpapers are hotter than your best friend’s mom Sexy No More … Continue reading

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"I just don't believe in covering that story…"

MSNBC Journalist Mika Brzezinski, my personal hero for the day, does exactly what needs to be done about Paris Hilton: ignores her story in favour of real news. Too bad her co-hosts were misogynistic jerks who accused her of only … Continue reading

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Cerise: June 2007 and Call for Submissions

The June 2007 issue is out! The theme is “The Making of a Gamer”, and we have some great stories in our new feature “gamer stories” relating to that. We’re currently looking for submissions for our July issue. Here’s the … Continue reading

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And yet he still has a (multi-million dollar a year paying) job

The last thing the NBA wants you to think about while the playoffs are in full and exciting swing is one of its most habitually toxic players pleading no contest and then being sentenced for a misdemeanor domestic violence charge.

Ron Artest is, without a doubt, the single worst role-model when it comes to active professional athletes so it comes as no surprise that though reported, it’s of little concern to the sports world when upsets and game sevens are amuk in the NBA. Artest is also one of the best defensive players in the game and, strictly for his on-court performance, one of the most sought after. So sought after, in fact, that his current team, the Sacramento Kings, agreed to take on Artest after the infamous Malice At The Palace and then stood behind him throughout the entire DV ordeal with talk about “everyone makes mistakes,” “think of the children” and “second chances.” He likely won’t be dismissed from his current team and even if he is, there are always other franchises looking for a gun-for-hire regardless of how they conduct themselves off the court. Continue reading

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