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Some tips for white feminists

Hope everyone is having a nice holiday! I am, except for the whole issue of my new laptop refusing to turn on so now I can’t play FFXI until it’s fixed. My only solace is that my old laptop works, … Continue reading

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Another post to read

Still on blog break, but since the others are busy I may as well do some more link blogging. Here’s a post I came across today that deals with misogyny in geeky fandoms. Here are some exerpts: And that ironic, … Continue reading

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New Blog: Anti-Racist Parent

Just a quick post to highlight a new-ish blog, Anti-Racist Parent. From their introductory post: Thank you for visiting us here at Anti-Racist Parent! This is a blog for parents who are committed to raising children with an anti-racist outlook. … Continue reading

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New Blog: The Silence of Our Friends

The Silence of Our Friends seems to have come about because of the recent Clinton blogger lunch debacle. Personally, I’d call this blog the silver lining to a dark, dark cloud. An excerpt from Donna’s most recent post: One example … Continue reading

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Link Blogging: AA and Multiracial Reading List

First off, sorry for the lack of posting recently. School has just stepped up a notch and I’m struggling to readjust. Next week my part-time job starts, too, but I’m hoping to get some quality posting time in this weekend. … Continue reading

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"Nice Guy Post" Link Roundup

So, my Nice Guy post is making the rounds, just like I always wanted it to. Downside is that I have to actually think about commenters who disagree and look into improving the list. But, hey, I’m all about spreading … Continue reading

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Better a fair-weather ally than not an ally at all?

In response to the “nice guy” controversy that Hugo has sparked in the feminist blogsphere, Mickle has made an excellent post titled Masquerade. She talks about politeness, sincerity, and what it means to be an ally. These paragraphs really resonated … Continue reading

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Feminist Dating Woes

Over at her blog, Mary has a rant about being a heterosexual feminist in a world where men just don’t get it: So yeah, it sucks and it’s hard blah blah blah fishcakes. And I’ll never be the girl who … Continue reading

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Recommended Reads

Today has been a day for posts that really resonate with me. Since I don’t feel well (hence me being home right now instead of at class) and therefore don’t want to work on a real post, I’ll share the … Continue reading

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Carnival of Feminists Issue 13 out now!

Issue number 13 of The Carnival of Feminists is out now! Hosted by Terry of I See Invisible People, this issue offers up a diverse collection of writings from feminist blogs. Well done Terry. Do stop by and leave a … Continue reading

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