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New post at Better by Design

Just posting here to let everyone know that I’ve written a post about sexism in Stardock’s new game Elemental: War of Magic over at Better by Design: Stardock’s Elemental and what it says about the state of games Here’s an … Continue reading

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Highlighting the responsibility of online community leaders

I know I haven’t been around much; my life is busy and I don’t have the time to blog that I used to. Unfortunately, this probably isn’t going to change anytime soon. Anyway, I’d just like to highlight a post … Continue reading

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How not to be "That Guy"

Synecdochic wrote a how-to post on privilege: Don’t Be That Guy. Excerpt: This word gets thrown around a lot, and I think everyone uses it a little differently, which is one of the reasons why I have so much difficulty … Continue reading

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New Gaming Site: The IRIS Network

If you’ve been wondering about my silence for the past couple of weeks, I have a deep, dark secret to confess: Along with Revena I’ve been building and launching The IRIS Network, a new gaming site focused on helping to … Continue reading

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Today's a day for link blogging

“an open letter to all the rosie o’donnells” Q: What’s this all about? A: Back in December, Rosie did a racist impression of the “Chinese” language. The following are some links from reappropriate which detail quite nicely this debacle. If … Continue reading

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Quote of the moment

From A couple of radical statements about sex, from the end of my rope.: “But wait!” you may be thinking to yourself. “You’re on the record as having issues with objectification! Aren’t these sexy sex-having female characters exactly what you’re … Continue reading

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Theory Link for the Academically Inclined or Interested.

For those who may be interested in academic journals and and don’t already have access for other reasons, Sage Publications is currently offering some Free Trial Online Access, which includes free access during February to all online journal archives, and … Continue reading

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Beyond Pro-Choice: What about consent?

I have long held that no one — even those defined as “persons” by science and the law — has the right to use my body without my consent. Therefore, even if I did believe that personhood begins at conception … Continue reading

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New Blog: First Woman

Ragnell has created a new group blog: First Woman. In her own words: Saturday morning, Hillary Rodham Clinton officially announced her candidacy for President. […] So, I’m finally starting a political blog, so I can follow the media coverage and … Continue reading

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Google and Racial Stereotypes

I’ve just been alerted to a post on Tricia Wang’s eponymous blog called Search Algorithms as Revealing of Social Stereotypes. From the post: I performed the original google image search just on “Asian women,” “American women,” and “Asian American women” … Continue reading

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