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For Those Of You Coming From Destructiod

I do not hate Faith or gamers like Faith. Indeed I have tried to be respectful in my limited dealings with her and I even openly expressed support of her personally when she was being abused by the Kotaku goons … Continue reading

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A Not-So-Bad GF List

I don’t have time to get into it full on, but this list by Bill Ward called 15 simple rules for getting your girlfriend to play D&D actually isn’t as bad as it sounds. Partially because some of it seems … Continue reading

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Fox News gets pwned by the Transgender Legal Defense Fund

Michael Silverman is my new hero of the week. Via Life, Law, Gender.

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Oriental Barbie

Okay, so a while ago onebrownwoman has this awesome post critiquing the Diwali Barbie. This week, she posts a link to Oriental Barbie but doesn’t have time to comment on it. Here’s what the page says about this lovely “Doll … Continue reading

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This from a man who can't even use the word "woman" in his post

So, apparently, there is maybe, sort of, perhaps a possibility that Halo 3 will get a female voice for its multiplayer mode. I’m not a fan of Halo 3, so the decision doesn’t exactly affect me. Though back in the … Continue reading

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Wave Your Penis Somewhere Else

Red Square, a hub on my university’s campus, never seems to be a safe space. Today, one of the La Rouche folks (I refuse to call them La Rouchebags) asked me if I liked Lynne Cheney’s dick. I felt ill. … Continue reading

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My Weight and Jealousy of Male Bodies

Sometimes I wish I had a male body. I wish I didn’t have to work twice as hard to be half as good at the sports I enjoy. I wish I could eat three bowls of cereal before I go … Continue reading

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Sexualizing Powerful Poses

In my post Female Villains Can’t Win, one of the things I mentioned was that even in their powerful poses, women were sexualized. Peatbogfaery asked if I had any other examples than what I provided. Initially I was just going to reply on the thread, but it’s taken on a life of its own (when does it not?), so here it is.

For some advice I turned to comic books (thanks to Ragnell for the links!). I’m putting the rest behind a cut because of the pictures. Continue reading

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The Ultimate Wii Shopping List: So Close to Getting It Right

As you all should know now by the Girlfriend Lists category (which I plug at every opportunity), I have a passing interest in the presentation and language of gift guides. So, y’all can imagine how excited I got when I … Continue reading

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13… no, make that 14 Oblivion mods that should not have been

The post 13 Oblivion mods that should not have been has been getting a lot of attention lately. It’s a great list, but I think the author forgot to include this mod necessary for anyone who wanted to play as … Continue reading

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