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"I'm cute, not smart", first impressions [Intent versus Message, Part 1]

I would like all of your help on doing an experiment. This will be part of a short series that, among other things, will look at how intent and message interact. But in order to make my arguments, I need … Continue reading

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Hollywood, please stop shitting on my childhood

While on vacation, I went to see the Fantastic Four movie (the only reason it was worth it was because it was the first move I had seen in theatres in over a year) and had the dubious pleasure to … Continue reading

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Something to think about

Trying to help clear out some backlog for Jade Reporting (we’re looking for volunteers, by the way), I came across these recent titles from articles on Destructoid: New Destructoid wallpapers are hotter than your best friend’s mom Sexy No More … Continue reading

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"I just don't believe in covering that story…"

MSNBC Journalist Mika Brzezinski, my personal hero for the day, does exactly what needs to be done about Paris Hilton: ignores her story in favour of real news. Too bad her co-hosts were misogynistic jerks who accused her of only … Continue reading

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Male normativity in the usage of "homosexual" and "gay"

The terms “gay” and “homosexual” aren’t technically gendered; homosexual women often refer to themselves as gay, and the fact that the previous clause is correct English in itself should be self-evident as to my point. And yet, over and over … Continue reading

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On women-oriented gaming communities

Zach over at Molten Boron became my hero for the day by posting, Kotaku Commenters Prove the Necessity of a Women’s Gaming Magazine, which debunks much of the misinformation Kotaku continues to spread about Iris and, most recently, our online … Continue reading

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Obesity Moral Panics and the Gendered Presentation of Disordered Eating

The news here recently reported on a new study suggesting that eating disorder rates in Australia have more than doubled in the last decade, and the rates of “regular disordered eating” (that doesn’t necessarily coincide with a diagnosable eating disorder) … Continue reading

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On air Privilege in Action

Maybe it’s a little unfair to be using FoxNews as the subject of a PiA post, since that station seems to go out of its way to defend and perpetuate bigotry, but the methodology is exactly the same as people … Continue reading

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"Geek Girl" Stereotype Bingo

Inspired by this post at Feminist Gamers and this post on The IRIS Network forums, I decided to take an old post of mine and turn it into a bingo scorecard. Basically the rules are that when you see a … Continue reading

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Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there

Today’s PiA post comes from the Girl Wonder forums. It is, in part, a reaction to my privilege list, which the poster in question was linked to among other posts. I have lived my life bullied and dismissed and marginalized … Continue reading

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