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New post at Better by Design

Just posting here to let everyone know that I’ve written a post about sexism in Stardock’s new game Elemental: War of Magic over at Better by Design: Stardock’s Elemental and what it says about the state of games Here’s an … Continue reading

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Amazon censors women and queer people

So, I’m sure everyone has heard by now, but Amazon has recently made the decision to remove the sales rankings of so-called “adult” books in order to ensure that they don’t show up in some searches (like the default search) … Continue reading

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The double standard: "Doesn't that perpetuate sexism?"

How it Works (hat tip Feministe) So, I’ve been quiet mostly because I need to find an apartment before April and so that’s been keeping me busy. Last weekend I went to Osaka to check out some potentials and my … Continue reading

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Suggested Actions for White Feminist Allies from Katie

On my blog, I had just linked to an excellent and common example by BrownFemiPower of white women getting credit for helping women at large when they’ve actually done a lot of harm to women. How did they do this … Continue reading

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Male gaze, what male gaze?

I think the video says it all. But, if not, then go read this deconstruction of the site being advertised: Chickipedia. For Guys That Never Get Laid.

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A must read for fans of the movie Labyrinth

bellatrys has written up an analysis of Labyrinth on her LJ: “I ask for so little–“. It is a rather long piece that weaves in many different elements — everything from an examination of the tropes and themes of the … Continue reading

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Exposing the hypocrisy of Unilever's targeted marketing

Dove and Axe — which send diametrically opposed messages about women to their target audiences — are both made by Unilever. This video juxtaposes the two campaigns in order to raise awareness of the connection between the two. Via The … Continue reading

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Debunking rumours: Chinese MMO's anti-genderbending policy

Doubtless many of you have heard (from Kotaku or other sources) about Shanda Entertainment, a Chinese MMO publisher, requiring photographic proof of a person’s sex in order to allow them to play a female avatar. This information is most likely … Continue reading

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Luxury of Travel: Ariel's Trips to Canada & Nicaragua

I’m in Nicaragua right now and taking advantage of my American right to travel. I can move fairly freely in a country impoverished by my nation’s doing–and by extent my own. I certainly benefit from globalization and the United State’s … Continue reading

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"I'm cute, not smart", an explanation [Intent versus Message, Part 2]

If you haven’t yet, go read the first part of this series. So now for some context. I was contacted by a representative from not so long ago about me writing a promotion post for their site in order … Continue reading

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