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How not to be "That Guy"

Synecdochic wrote a how-to post on privilege: Don’t Be That Guy. Excerpt: This word gets thrown around a lot, and I think everyone uses it a little differently, which is one of the reasons why I have so much difficulty … Continue reading

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Earning the privilege to be trusted

Following up on some thoughts that relate to what I said in Feminist Infighting, I wanted to talk about something that karnythia said in her post, Seal Press, Amanda Marcotte…Proof That Feminism And Racism Go Hand In Hand: I can’t … Continue reading

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Shame on you, BBC

The BBC has chosen to defend some transphobic comments made by a gay comedian whose show they sponsor. In this clip where he’s talking about Thomas Beatie, he says: “If he hasn’t had genital surgery surely that just makes him … Continue reading

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Feminist Infighting

I was just reading An Open Letter to the White Feminist Community and was struck following arguments: WE ARE ALL WOMEN FIRST and every one of these women who call themselves feminists seems to have forgotten that infighting doesn’t further … Continue reading

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Feminist blog historical record

Liz at badgerbag is looking for information on the history of the feminist blogosphere. Here’s what she’s looking for: – When did you start finding feminist blogs? – What were the first ones you became aware of? – Which ones … Continue reading

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Opportunity for gaming interviewers — No experience necessary!

Have you ever wanted to enter the field of gaming journalism, but didn’t have the time or the confidence in your writing skills to submit an article? Does the opportunity to interact with industry professionals appeal to you? If so, … Continue reading

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They're called "hosts", tyvm

When Jill linked to an article on “geisha guys” in a recent link roundup, I thought to myself, “I bet they’re talking about hosts. I mean, what would an article about Japan be without using Othering terminology to emphasize how … Continue reading

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UN Commision on the Status of Women: 52 Session

So, the report for the Fifty-second Session of the UN Commision on the Status of Women has just been released. Here’s an excerpt from the ‘It Is Time For The World To Make Women A Priority’ press release: “It is … Continue reading

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I may have to stop buying PC games…

After one Starforce scare with Dreamfall (which worked out in my favor because Ubisoft dropped the malware due to consumer outcry), and two wastes of money (one due to SecuROM with Sims 2: Bon Voyage, which I’m going to see … Continue reading

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The art of being consistently compassionate

From talking about privilege by Steph: So these days, I believe in some guidelines, things like this list. Not because I think that we all need to be nannied whenever we cross our various social boundaries, not because I believe … Continue reading

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