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Updates to "Check My What?"

The privilege list has gotten some of its much-needed update. Changes: Replaced most instances of “minority” and “minorities” with “non-privileged” Added a new section: Learn What is Meant by “Privilege” Fixed miscellaneous minor typos and outdated information It’s not perfect, … Continue reading

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No, I don't deserve that cookie

The response that I’ve gotten to this post has been overwhelming (yes, 28 comments on a blog that typically gets 0-5 is overwhelming). Most of it is praise. Heck, I’ve even got an e-mail or two thanking me for writing … Continue reading

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Feminists are fine with being bigots if it's just ableism

This is a subject that’s been sticking in my craw for a long time now, ever since it became an issue on Iris’ forums over a year ago. It was from the conflicts that arose there that I realized that … Continue reading

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Theme problems

I just wanted to make a note that I am aware of the problem with the theme and intend to correct it. Truth be told, I’ve been aware of this flaw in my design since a reader wrote in to … Continue reading

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On RE5 and claims of "American-centricism"

In this past week I’ve gotten an influx of commenters on my Resident Evil 5 posts decrying me and my posts as “American-centric”. I did consider writing a detailed post debunking this, but I’m very busy with school and there … Continue reading

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Because the only women who matter are white ones

Linda Hirshman — who, on top of thinking of herself as the matriarch of all women/feminists is responsible for making up the term “choice feminist” so she could have a convenient strawfeminist to attack — thinks she knows what’s causing … Continue reading

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At this rate, there won't be any games left for me to play

I have been feeling rather unhappy with Capcom for a while, but this takes the cake: Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi tells Kotaku that calls of racial insensitivity haven’t affected the game’s design. Takeuchi tells the site that the … Continue reading

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Give that man a cookie, er, Klondike!

Wow, a man refrains from violating the terms of his relationship agreement with his wife? Totally worthy of a reward. Give that man a cookie Klondike! <insert massive eyeroll here> Actual analysis of Klondike’s latest series of commercials can be … Continue reading

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Keith Olbermann calls Clinton on her shit

Did I mention that I hate politics? Hat tip morchades.

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Good reference for the non-apology apology

While discussing Clinton’s non-apology over the RFK incident Mark Liberman of Language Log references a post, Pete Rose and sorry statements of the third kind, by Geoff Pullman regarding the usage of the word “sorry”: People aren’t being sufficiently sensitive … Continue reading

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