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An Open Letter to Intel regarding their support of #GamerGate

Dear Intel, Recently your actions regarding #GamerGate have come to my attention. First you you pulled Gamasutra’s advertising campaign specifically because of complaints from supporters of GamerGate (and then disingenuously tried to claim you weren’t “taking sides”) and then your … Continue reading

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Some Good Reasons to Avoid Adobe CC

When Adobe CC (aka. Adobe Creative Cloud) first came out I was intrigued. As someone in software design myself, I am not inherently opposed to a monthly/yearly licensing system, although I believe it needs to be done right and it … Continue reading

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On slut-shaming, deleting comments, and respectful discourse

ETA 2011/03/06: It turns out that my comments were marked as spam, not deleted; they have now been published. For some reason Blogspot, unlike WordPress (which most of my experience is with), displays your comment as properly posted after you … Continue reading

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This is why I hardly read blogs anymore

In the past year the amount of (feminist) blogs that I read regularly, or even on an occasional basis, has shrunk to fit on one hand. Literally, aside from keeping up with Iris, the only blogs I regularly read are … Continue reading

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New post at Better by Design

Just posting here to let everyone know that I’ve written a post about sexism in Stardock’s new game Elemental: War of Magic over at Better by Design: Stardock’s Elemental and what it says about the state of games Here’s an … Continue reading

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Moved to WPMU

Some of you might notice that the blog has a new look; this is because I’ve moved over to WPMU and am using the new default WordPress theme. Still busy with school, still no time to blog, though. Sorry! PS. … Continue reading

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Brian Ashcraft, let me do your homework for you

In Kotaku’s grand tradition of shoddy reporting and lack of any decent research, Brian Ashcraft has written an impassioned but so supremely hypocritical article on the RapeLay controversy (link roundup) that I felt compelled to briefly bring this blog temporary … Continue reading

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Ableism is not feminism. Spread the word.

I know this blog is in retirement (my internet time these days is practically nill), but when I saw Meloukhia’s An Open Letter to Feministing (hat-tip: Hoyden About Town) I had to cosign it. Yes, it’s that important.

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Update on AmazonFail

First off, it has been noted that the de-ranking wasn’t limited to GLBT issues and erotica, but also notably affected books on disability and sexuality as well as feminist books, books on sexuality, and books on topics such as suicide … Continue reading

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Amazon censors women and queer people

So, I’m sure everyone has heard by now, but Amazon has recently made the decision to remove the sales rankings of so-called “adult” books in order to ensure that they don’t show up in some searches (like the default search) … Continue reading

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