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Big Fat Carnival: First Edition

The first edition of the Big Fat Carnival is out today at Alas, a blog. Themes include health, body image, fat-hating culture, fat and gender, and more.

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Radical Women of Color Carnival: 1st Edition at Reappropriate

The first edition of the Radical Women of Color Carnival is now out at Reappropriate. The carnival discusses: the internet and the power of blogging, resolving race, Coretta Scott King, poetry, abortion, privilege, comfort women, and more.

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Feminism through Fandom

Via Fanthropology, LJ user Schemingreader has written a great two-parter on Something Good About Fandom and Women Writing Slash: An Idiosyncratically Feminist Meditation. In her first essay, Schemingreader discusses “challenging mass media hegemonic discourse” and passive viewing through fandom. She … Continue reading

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Attractiveness, Disabilities, and Feminism

There is a post on feminist_rage today on a topic I haven’t read about before: the intersection of ablism, sexism, and attractiveness. LiveJournal user mahlia miles writes about being a conventionally attractive woman using a wheelchair, faced with chivalry and … Continue reading

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An Introduction

It’s been almost a week now since Tekanji invited me to blog here, so I figure I’ve kept you all in suspense long enough. My name is Ariel Wetzel, although I usually go by Lake Desire online. The alias refers … Continue reading

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