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Veganism: Stepping Stone to Feminism

When I was seventeen, I was eating a piece of chicken on the back porch when Quistis and Beula, two of the family hens, hovered begging. I indulged my pets with all fondness, and felt unsettled. How was the animal … Continue reading

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Carnival of Feminists XII

The Carnival of Feminists XI is out at Written World. Topics include sexy heroines, comics, body image, television, the Duke Rapes, birth and more. There are a lot of new-comers to the carnival included I recommend checking out.

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Big Fat Carnival

The second edition of the Big Fat Carnival is up at This ain’t livin’. Topics include positive body image, love of food, fat portrayal in the media, and self esteem. And if you haven’t heard, the third Radical Women of … Continue reading

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Carnival of Empty Cages #1

The Carnival of Empty Cages #1 today is out at vegankid. Topics include speciesism and intersecting forms of oppression, animal cruelty, choice, and of course food. I’ll be hosting the next issue here on June 1, 2006. Please E-mail me … Continue reading

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Carnival Calls: Feminists, Empty Cages, and Big Fat Carnival

Fellow bloggers, we’ve three carnival deadlines in the next few days. Submissions for the first ever Carnival of Empty Cages must be in by tomorrow, and contributions for the Second Big Fat Carnival must be in by April 2nd. Submissions … Continue reading

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This Is What a Vegan Looks Like!

I’m excited for the upcoming Carnival of Empty Cages. I hope the carnival will help me find and join the vegan blog scene now that Tekanji has provided me a place to discuss my herbivorism. I begin by defining vegan because it’s a fluid term. I intend this post to be a gateway to future discussions about my veganism coinciding with my feminism (and how I got here), the intersections of animal exploitation and human oppression, and even some critiques of the animal rights movement from an anti-racist feminist perspective. Continue reading

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¡Viva la Campesina! Women Fighting Back

My feminist activism is far from isolating. I meet and connect with great women and men who are my peers on campus or online in the blog network. But I sometimes feel disconnected from the people beyond my immediate circle; I feel that the ways in which I’m a participant in a global world are invisible to me. In my Global Women class this quarter, my classmates and I tried to see some of those connections. As university students in the United States, we are privileged to ignore them. For my own term project, I chose look to into who grows the organic, local produce I enjoy so much. I wanted to know: who grows it, and why didn’t I know already? Continue reading

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10th Carnival of Feminists

The 10th Carnival of Feminists is out at indianwriting. This issue is huge! The is “Body, Mind, and Struggle” and topics include South Dakota and what’s to come, body image through the media, female foeticide, contraceptives, childbirth, prostitution, raunch culture, … Continue reading

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Carnies and Veggies

The second edition of the Radical Woman of Color Carnival is out at Brownfemipower’s Woman of Color Blog. Topics include identity issues, voice, mamihood, and a section for allies so us white folks don’t feel left out. I do say … Continue reading

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Reflections on Octavia Butler

Octavia Butler died yesterday at 58 in a fall that led to a fatal concussion. Creating strong, vivid female characters, Butler is one of my favorite authors and a personal inspiration when writing my own feminist scifi stories. She was the first woman of color to be published for science fiction, and the first genre author to win the MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant.

In my women’s studies course last quarter, I selected Butler for a presentation on an amazing women my classmates and I heard too little about growing up. I explained that Butler reached people who didn’t have a voice among the white supremacist, sexist voice dominating science fiction, and used the tools of speculative fiction to imagine alternatives. My peers responded well to my presentation, and a few remarked that that Butler’s stories sounded like ones they would enjoy; they previously had little interest in science fiction. I passed out links to a pair of Butler’s short stories available online, and hope that my classmates found their way to read them. I’ve included the links at the end of this post. Continue reading

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